Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Photos of late in Oranges!

Thought I would share a few of my autumn photos from the iPhone that I carry everywhere and use liberally to collect oranges and things that catch my fancy. Quilting season and orange season are upon us! Happy Holidays. 

walking on the Highline elevated native plants park in NYC with John Kelly. 

free to view art installation at the Whitney in NYC October 2015

Posing with some of my friends from the 1980's nightclub Pyramid of the lower East Village  in front of my Log Cabin quilt exhibited in NYC as part of the 'what happened to those creative people from the good old days...

Now it's nearly time to go take a walk and see what new colors appear on the way. 

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Quilt finish for charity

New finish Blue & White Wedges quilt 
 Recently I finished this new blue and white quilt of wedges sewn in long strips which were left over from a Dresden Plate quilt called Blue Diamonds I made almost three years ago.
Blue Diamonds quilt 2012-2013 a Dresden Plate set on point and hand quilted.
 I made too many wedges for my Dresden plates because I wanted lots to choose from when I was building them. I cut and cut six inch wedges and then put them together as I needed them to mix and match my dark and light plates. When I was done making two large bed sized tops I set the remaining wedges aside. At some point these wedges got sewn together into long alternating blue/white strips that laid in a pile of left over blocks for quite a long time. Opportunity this year to make a quilt for the homeless arose at the guild as it always does in Sept. We have 100 quilts for Kids as a challenge and I had a pal to help me assemble these into a quilt at our all day guild sewing day. Virgil, I met him over the summer, quilts but doesn't have much experience he says. We joined forces at the guild meeting and with his help we put it together in a top that measures about 40 x 64 inches. A nap quilt for a toddler or a throw for some one feeling the season chill. Our quilts this year are going to the Washington DC homeless family shelter at the old DC General Hospital I believe. Once the top was all sewn together and nicely pressed I was lucky to find a nice piece of blue and white tartan in a box of donated fabric large enough to cover the back. I brought the blue tartan yardage and our top home to finish with batting quilting and all the usual parts.
Since this quilt is going to be a donation, I did the straight line quilting on my featherweight Singer sewing machine so it was faster than by hand. I did a diagonal design to echo the wedges. Then on a visit to Manassas I whipped up a personalized label for the back and added the solid blue to bind the edges. 
front, back and label 

Long walks are part of my aspiration every day. It is good to get away from the sewing and in Manassas while I was working on the blue and white wedge's label this image of a local lake surrounded by white asters and blue sky and white clouds becomes a photo equivalent to the blue and white quilt. Guess I didn't get that far away from the project on my long walk seeing the same colors by the lake.