Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Colonial Williamsburg Holiday

For the first time we made it down to Colonial Williamsburg for a few days of touring and shopping the week before Christmas. The high points were seeing the fire pots over the Fife and Drum Corps then caroling on the courthouse steps and the walks to admire the wreaths, swags and garlands on all the homes and businesses of the colonial area. It's been warm this year so it didn't take much effort to go on long walks visiting and snapping photos of the best and nearly all the rest. So here without much else are the colorful wreaths and decorations of Christmas in Colonial Williamsburg VA from 2015.

Above you see someones flash happened to go off as I was shooting at the same instant, a very unusual capture.

little princess in purple riding by in her coach! 

window sill decoration followed by the roundel on the same house below...

Dandy fellow in summer weight coat and straw hat.

New open market building reconstructed with a huge broken brick floor

stars shining over

downtown Colonial Williamsburg 

Moon over the Capitol Building at dusk

 The End.