Friday, February 15, 2008

Day One

This is my first succesful attempt to begin a blog. I chose orange and how it explains it all because it was available and made me smile. I love orange beards. I do not have one of my own but my eye always follows when I see an orange beard.
I am using a recent portrait painted by my friend Doug Kingsbury over the latter part of 2007 as my portrait here because it is so good a likeness and it captures something I have not found in any of the photographs of me in recent times. Besides it is a real delight to be the subject of a oil painting by such a master as my friend Doug. I sat for this portrait many Friday's from about one in the afternoon through until dark at his house and had a great time being there and visiting with him while he worked. He can paint and talk and listen all at the same time. Contrary to what you may think, sitting for this artist, was a delight. 
Doug is in Florence, Italy for a long stay and although I miss him a lot.  I am excited that he is there and has this chance to study the Italian masters up close and in person. He and his partner Bob took a house swap for several months to get to know the city in all its detail. Bob writes and Doug paints and draws... what could be more perfect? 

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Keith said...

I lurrrves your new blog, and all things orange :)