Monday, August 18, 2008

some ideas

blurrzzzzzz the thing!

Today, I spent much of the day reviewing my 6,000 or more digital photos taken over the past two years with a few different cameras. I got the feeling that I was drowning in a sea of pictures and I wasn't sure what the overall collection looks like. I have them poorly organized or it felt like I did. Luckily the Kodak software that came with my two cameras helps keep them all in their original form and order according to the dates they were taken. The process of keeping and sharing digital photos goes like this: download them from the chip in the camera, then re size them smaller and adjust some of the images one way or another, next I group them according to what they are, in order to keep track of the photos on my Apple desk top. Once all that is done they are ready to share.  I have been thinking for a long time there is one category that might be fun to explore in my folders, that of the blurry photo, out of focus or accidentally messed up images sometimes are quite fun to see. Today as I reviewed the whole original collection I did a hunt for photos that may have been left out of my folders along the way that were blurry.  This turned out to be fun, seeing some of the places I have been, pictorial themes by season and themes that I was following from time to time,  but generally there are a few that always reoccur: the self portrait, Keith, flowers, insects, male figure models, sky and clouds, family, and friends, buildings and sometimes artworks. For some time now I realized that to have a single image adds more impact to the blog page when I post and that I rarely publish so narrowly edited. Tonight I am going to load one image with this post. It is the one that started me thinking that the abstract blur in a photo can be quite meditative, even haunting. It can sometimes tell more about the mood than the ones that are in tight focus.  This one of my lace cap hydrangea stuck with me for at least 3 months since I kept it with the others that are mostly in focus.
 I got the idea to write about blur as one of the topics that has been floating around in my imagination from my college pal Cynie's partner O's post on her blog HatHead YAYA and other things  from India! I have been enjoying her posts while she has been there for the past four weeks alone on vacation. Today, O posted a list of topics she had not found time to write about but she says they had been floating around in her mind. This got me to thinking about all the stuff I have wanted to write about but which I have not yet found the right moment to write. The blurry pictures is the first to check off my list and now I have a folder full of interesting blurry pictures to load up to account to show you. I will close with a thanks to O for a great number of interesting stories from her adventure in India and thank her too for the idea to write about things I haven't yet written about. 

My list of ideas to write about includes:
Old photos from the Library of Congress 1910's collection.
Vermeer's Hat, a book.
Digital photography has changed how I take pictures.
Jim Foster, my high school bud's portrait with a red setter. 
Cloud photos
Garuda & OilyD the Scottish Oil man.
My antique photo, the chickens, a post card. 

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