Monday, September 1, 2008


Earlier this week I found a gift in my USPS delivery. It was a bag o'succulents sempervivum also known as "hens & chicks" from one of my college pals who gardens in the northern mountains. He sent me a collection of small "chick" sized succulents to set out here in hot and humid Washington DC saying that " semps"  have their best colors in the spring.  I wet them down in a dish to see what I had and then decided to place them in a shallow bowl shaped ceramic pot I had full of river rocks for the last few years. I am very excited to have them planted and I plan to return to the sender a box of seeds from our favorite garden plants next week. Someone who gave my mom some sempervivums a few years back said it was bad luck to thank anyone for a plant they gave you... This is mountain lore from the Appalachians so I had best respect that warning. Those plants my mother got grew like wild fire in a pot on her front stoop as you can see in the first photo from June. I did some searching and found a couple posts on the Internet about sempervivums...
What I have read is that I need to add some gravel to my pot and keep them in full sun 6 hours of the day. Little water and lots of sun makes them happy surely meaning it will be easy to care for them. Insert a Big Smile here.

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Love the way you describe the semps and love the way you potted them!

Best wishes from Ljubljana, Slovenia, European Union, Renee