Friday, April 17, 2009

Mother goes green for earth day

redbud flowers

I am just home from a trip to Manassas where I did laundry and errands and enjoyed the rain then a great day of sunshine with cool air and spring flowers. Mom decided that lawn care service last year was too expensive and that she wanted to try mowing her own yard with a new electric battery powered lawn mower. She ordered a small Neutron mower with a little encouragement from her best pal Mildred who has been doing her own with the same type of green mower for years. It was very exciting to see it work so well. I am still a little apprehensive about my mother who has some mobility problems pushing a lawn mower. Today we did it together while we both learned the way it works. We were glad the battery charge only lasts an hour. So to mark this wonderful day and my brave mother of mine,  I got her to model the mower for my camera in a brief video. Now if all goes well, she will be saving hundreds of dollars on lawn care with the big bonus of sparkling clean air, significantly reduced motor noise and free exercise. Hip hip hooray 
Also note that the lovely dogwood is just begun blooming and in the distant back ground a tall red bud.

Here in the movie you can see the flowering trees and the mom in action in the last bit of the front yard. You know you can only see this video if you are reading on the Orange Explains it all web-log 

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