Sunday, February 7, 2010

now we have serious snow

view on Randolph St. from our north facing window, see my car buried over there to the left of Kerri's vintage truck?

the table and garden chairs this Sunday morning

Saturday before snow finished falling we went out to begin clearing some of the side walks. This is the view of the back of our apartment building and north side.
First snow day breakfast: waffles with black walnuts and real maple syrup.

Saturday afternoon measurement. 19.75" or 50cm, Keith at the corner working the digging from his end of the walk.

Snowy describes our mid-Atlantic region. It began on Friday just before noon in our neighborhood and snowed until Saturday evening, totaling 30 hours. A real Blizzard was called by the national weather service. The official accumulation in my yard is just shy of 20 inches or 50 cm. It may have been more but I was too tired after shoveling to measure it when the snow finally stopped falling at 5:30 PM.
We had fun watching the news and the snow falling and even working with our tag team of two neighbors shoveling the snow Saturday. Today we woke up and soon discovered that our back porch studio room is leaking. The snow froze up in the gutter and is pushing the melt water back inside somehow. We have no way to stop it so we just cleaned out the area and set buckets and trays in place to collect what water and ice we can. So far we have only lost some dried flowers and leaves and a few flower seeds Keith collected. It is frustrating but we will survive it I am sure.
Last night we enjoyed a tasty pot luck dinner and games about 6 blocks away with our friends a baker, architect, engineer and legal aid and their three teenage boys. It was fun to get out of the house and see everything covered in deep blankets of snow and enjoy the company of others equally joyful for some diversions. The night sky cleared and stars glistened in the frosty darkness. Our walks to and from the dinner party were magic.
It is time for me to put on my boots and go work digging snow. I hope to begin getting my car uncovered and see if we can clear out the down drain for the gutter. Maybe that will allow the water to go where it belongs tomorrow. Our record snow reminds me of my childhood playing in the snow. This year will be one to remember for the 44+ inches of the white we have had and the other storms on their way. Tuesday offers as much as 8-4 more inches to top off this white deluge.

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Kelly O'Brien said...

Can you believe we're getting more?! Hope to see you again soon - maybe at next week's boxjam, if we get dug out by then!