Sunday, August 1, 2010

two sketch crawls

Old Willow Oak (Lafayette Sq. Park)

I enjoyed two steamy sketch crawls during July in Washington DC. Many of my usual pals were out of town this past weekend for the international #28 but I went ahead and lead a small group downtown to some shady spots and inside cool museums to draw. We met at Farragut Square where to my excellent surprise was a 60 member Brazilian drum corps practicing that made great subject matter to try to sketch. The sounds were so exciting and really captured my heart and soul. I took a couple short videos to bring back to share with you a taste of the exotic music we heard. I went on from there to draw in Lafayette Sq. across from the White House and ended up focused on some excellent old trees. I managed to channel a tiny bit of Van Gogh in my cross hatching on the old willow oak's bark. That was my favorite sketch of the whole bunch but if you want to see the rest and the photos that accompany them I offer you a link to the July 17th Sketch Crawl Set in my flickr. pages and the July 31st Sketch Crawl Set which includes the delightful drummers!

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