Thursday, July 7, 2011

week one: National Sketch Draw Month

 July 1st Orange Chesapeake Crab Leg day lilies 
The first week of National Sketch Draw Month is complete.  I made seven ink drawings with watercolor details outside in the garden. I then photographed them and posted them to the Sketchcrawl Washington DC group on facebook and to my flickr site It is only left to post them here on my web-log for the record. I enjoy sitting down to draw a plant because it gives me so much more understanding of the intimate details of these marvelous creations. I am enjoying the other artists comments and artworks on the facebook page and the opportunity to comment on their drawings and hear feedback from all sorts of friends and family on my own contributions.  I miss art school critiques where we used to get serious consideration for our work on the wall in front of the whole class from each teacher and any brave student who had something to add. This is almost there again for me.
July 2nd blue balloon flowers 
July 3rd Pink day lilies

July 4th Magenta zinnias 
July 5th White day lilies

July 6th Orange nasturtiums 

July 7th Red leaf banana tree 

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