Saturday, October 1, 2011

in the studio

sunrise at the bay seen from the red house
Back out on the porch today to draw with cold wind and showers it's like November not the first of October. This afternoon I am heading out to the red house in Fairhaven Cliffs to spend a week alone. I am going to miss my partner who has too many things to do in town this week to join me but we both like having time alone. It's a chance to do things at our own pace. This morning the ikebana arrangement he left was the subject of my sketch. I will miss having flowers arrangements to turn to as I draw but there is the bay view which will fill in it's place or other curious things that I don't have access to here at home. I am looking forward to some time to spread out and get to work sewing on my bay project this week and visiting with the Rupperts.

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