Sunday, May 20, 2012

orange stuff

Hey it's been a long time since I shared some ORANGE and I am always looking and snapping little bits of it with my camera and making stuff that has orange in it, so I wanted to share a collection of my oranges from the past few weeks... My idea of orange is anything from yellow-orange to a red-orange and all the oranges in between.
Keith's Artomatic installation has red but it looks orange in my photos! 

mysterious blurry photo has some great orange reds...

side table collection of cards with orange! 

recent sketch of some orange haliconia 
blocks from my rose star quilt with Orange in them are some of my favorites to make but I like balancing them with other colors in the finished work like a kaleidoscope rainbow colors.

The garden is mostly blues and other colors in the spring but these are my newest additions showing some orange

newest are the tiny zinnias orange and ready to go in somewhere on the edges of the tall day-lilies 

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