Thursday, June 14, 2012

Artomatic continues

We have had a good run this year for Artomatic. I completed my third and final required volunteer shift last night. Two weekends ago at "Meet the Artist Night" Keith and I enjoyed talking with lots of visitors about our work. They came from all over  Houston, TX sent a couple of school teachers just arrived for a Capitol visit who were very interested in my sketches.
 I worked a volunteer shift on Sunday the 10th at the front door of Artomatic which was lots of fun. I greeted all the visitors who, like me, were a little surprised to find a big bicycle race circling the neighborhood which had shut down many streets.

I wish I had known this bicycle event was coming, I might have been there just for that but I was committed to work all day. It's an annual event this Arlington series of races I stumbled on once before when I dropped by the Apple store a few years back. It was a perfect weather day for racers on the back top blue skies and lots of fresh air and low humidity from the north.
I went by the 8th and 9th floors after my first  volunteer shift at Artomatic and here are a few  imagesw of my favorite artworks from those floors.

faucet growth 

cool sculpty coral like growths dripping from faucets! 

this pottery reminds me of the sea corals and grasses 

Matt Hollis floral sculpture

Nils Henrik Sundqvist print in metal frame

James Halloran from April's "Art in the Berg" show had a great wall display

Pat Goslee was brave painting the walls orange then hanging her abstract paintings over such powerful color

I haven't been able to go tour Artomatic yet but next Saturday June 16th at noon is a big Sketch-crawl DC  tour I am going to attend.  Only two weeks left now before it all closes up for good. 

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