Monday, August 13, 2012

some more quilt pictures

detail of rose star quilt on the felt wall
 Here are a few more shots of the rose star quilt english paper pieced project hanging up.
most of the rose star quilt top on the felt wall with some red fabric under the upper right showing the finish of zig zag edge. 
I am still thinking about how to finish off the edges. two sides are straight and two sides are zig zag edges currently. I could add some triangles of white or a color to make the zig zag straight. Or I am thinking about adding diamonds of color to the zig zag edge for a colorful edge. But then what to do with the straight edges? I am not sure how I want to end this hand stitching and piecing. Designing is fun but on some days no clear answers present themselves. Ideas? Comments welcome. 

back side of a rose star with paper pieces basted in place

bag of paper pieces after I pulled them out sitting on the 6 yards of white muslin print for the backing

ball of multi colored basting threads pulled out of the finished section

winged white hexagons ready to put between the colored rose stars. 


Keith said...

I looks fantastic, cannot wait for the next quilt. what will that one be? Hooray for the Master Quilter!

Jamie Lee said...

Wow, your quilt is spectaular! I can't believe that ball of basting thread. What a real labor of love.

Beth said...

Wow - that quilt is beautiful!