Wednesday, January 9, 2013

tiny quilt project

Madrone Road Fabric swatches plus white for quilting Challenge 

I have a new project finally underway, a challenge I mentioned earlier. It's the Madrone Road Challenge given out to DC Modern Quilt Guilder members who wanted to play with these lovely fabrics. To prepare over the past two weeks I have been practicing making half triangle squares with the Shoofly blocks.
practice blocks of shoofly design

The Madrone road challenge is going to be double triangle squares in a 19th century pattern called "Birds in the Air" It's kind of like flocks flying over head when I look at the simple diamonds of these triangle squares. I am piecing the Madrone Road fabric with pure white muslin to make it go further. I am not sure how big the finished top will be but it has to be done soon and quilted before the end of the month. I hope to get it near done by the DC Modern Quilt Guild meeting on Jan. 19th or perhaps I will finish there at the sewing day meet up. It can't be very big in the end with only fabric  6/8ths of a yard but it is fun to have a matched set of fabrics for a change.
preview of the birds in the air layout 

1956 Thunderbird with Dan Murray at NGA

Last week I went to see the great retrospective exhibition of Roy Lichtenstein a famous pop artist known for his paintings of cartoons at National Gallery of Art with my pal Dan and he drove us down to the mall in his coral Thunderbird. I couldn't resist a photo of the car in front of the picturesque Capitol. The show is great fun and got me thinking about updating my quilting designs. Dan agrees I have traditional quilting down and I can slip some modern quilts in my folio. Traditional is historic and that is my favorite thing still it is nice to live in our times and reflect what is around us in some way.


Elle said...

You are way ahead of me...I'm still trying to figure out what I want to make! I'll be anxious to hear how far the little packet of fabric goes...I'd been thinking of making a pillow, as I'm pretty sure that there would be plenty for that, but your quilt is making me think a flying geese baby quilt might be nice. I also just found out one of my bridesmaids, who is due with her first child at the end of February, is having a shower on the 10th, so I suddenly have a real deadline to get her baby quilt done. I'm planning to make that helix quilt that Katie made with the interlocking lines of pink and blue (did you ever see that one - But I haven't even bought the fabric! Indeed, the only sewing I've done at all was the charity quilt, because it HAD to be done (and have you seen Aubrie's posts on the quilting...we need to get her to teach us all how to machine quilt like that!)? Anyway, looking forward to seeing you on the 19th! Happy New Year!

Frederick said...

this project tiny
"birds in the air" quilt is looking kind of small but a baby would fit in it nicely. I am enjoying playing with the pieces on my felt wall but I am going to have to get busy if I am going to finish it this month. You realize the pieces add up to less than a yard of fabric alone?
Flying geese would be a nice complement to my birds in the air. Wish I could have matched that blue in a solid but I am going to use clean white muslin for my background.
Helix quilt pattern looks interesting, very mathematical. I need to buy free motion attachments of my old singer before I can try what you and Aubrie do so well. The charity project for Quilt Con. Looks delightful.

Jessie said...

I think the pure white makes it nice and fresh. But I know what you mean, I have been trying to match up a blue as well. I have a good one in my stash but only 1/2 yard so it still won't do for what I had in mind. Must improvise!

Frederick said...

Jessie, I got a nice "candy blue" Kona solid at Joanns last weekend that is going to be the backing so it isn't an exact match but close enough at a distance when all those little triangles are floating on the white field. The assembly is still in limbo for me. I am really struggling with the composition of these half triangle squares. Groups of 9 or groups of 4 .... it's part of the fun I guess not something I should let drag on for too long.