Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Special Days

This past week has been romantic and full of fun, friends, family and a little quilting. I had a lovely Valentine on my desk when I got up on the 14th and enjoyed delicious heart shaped black and white cake with a big pink butter cream rose. Then on the 15th a luncheon with old college friends who drove into town to visit my Mom and us. That was really a treat! Saturday was a trip to the DC modern quilt guild meeting up in Gaithersburg at a real quilter's shop. I got there while show and tell was happening and missed some of the members shows. My photos of the quilts that I got to see are in this flickr. set follow the link and see more quilts and quilters!
We finally got to see every one's Madrona Road Fabric quilts from last months challenge and Jessie Aller brought in a package of her wonderful fabrics she designed as the prize. We were asked to vote by secret ballot for our favorite project. I was thrilled to be the winner with my "Birds in Air" quilt seen below.
Fabrics for the Madrona Road Challenge 

Birds in Air quilt 
My prize is a lovely collection of fat quarters from white to gray to fuchsia and finished with a black and white dot. All but the black and white dots are Jessie's fabrics she drew the plants and designed the repeats and colors. What an exciting gift this is and I am anxious to find a new quilt project that will complement these delightful prints.

Jessie Aller's fat quarters prize

Currently I am working on quilt projects in green and white once again. Here is a peek at one block in progress. My own design...


Jessie said...

Frederick, I really love your project! I'm so glad you got the fabric bundle and I can't wait to see some of the prints filter into your work!
See you soon!

Nicole said...

I love that green and white design. It's a great design! Can't wait to see it in person.

Frederick said...

Thanks Jessie and Nicole!

AnneElizablog said...

Congratulations, Frederick! I know you will make something wonderful with your prize.

quirky granola girl said...

congrats on winning the challenge! your quilt is beautiful.