Monday, March 10, 2014

March towards Spring

This weather is beginning to give us real signs of Spring! Yesterday with the warm temperatures and sunshine we headed out for a long walk and discovered our early miniature crocus were bursting out of the brown grass and dead leaves! Narcissus are poking up their bud filled heads and leaves and a few trees are beginning to show signs of earliest blooms. After so much cold weather and a lot more snow days than Washington DC is used to having we are all ready to move on to the next season full of promise.

In the intervening cold days and even on some of the warm days I have managed to get back to sewing and piecing. I was inspired by a color combination in a fat quarter that I played with using purple, hot pinks, oranges, and magenta it's one of Kaffe Faussett's designer's named Phillip Jacobs in 2012 it was a feather design. DC Modern Quilt Guild threw a lecture and pop up quilt fabric shop at Anacostia Arts Center this past Saturday and I was hunting for more of these fabrics and found non but I did get an idea to spread out my bright blocks with neutrals from the two speakers on quilting design and color Katie Blakesley and Laura Gunn.

Katie Blakesley on stage with her slides discussing quilt design.

Katie Blakesley with one of her quilts from her new book  Vintage Quilt Revival

artist and fabric designer Laura Gunn talking about color 

Laura Gunn's great grandmother's crochet Afghan and the quilt it inspired. 

Laura Gunn talking about painting and color 

So to bring you up to date here is what I have been playing with this week in the Orange and magenta log cabin project. 

building orange purple blocks 5.5 x5.5"

Adding space to the blocks 

mixed up white and orange purple blocks 

white on white log cabins
Time for a walk on a cloudy almost Spring day. Comments welcome on my new project. My biggest concern is how to let go of the compulsion to be so regimental in block building.


Carla said...

I hope the cold snap doesn't kill them!

I'm interested to see your new project. I like where it's going.

One of my major struggles is quilting for others / charity vs. quilting for myself. I've been in a little bit of a funk lately and I think some of that is directly attributable to the fact that my list is full of things that are for me (or have no purpose) vs. something for someone else. Too many quilts in my house feels like clutter. Anyway the point is: I admire your ability to just start a project and see where it goes, making for the sake of making. I hope I can absorb some of that through osmosis sometime soon. :) said...

I feel I am the same as you, I like the older style quilts that go in rows and columns so nicely. I haven't managed to get out of it yet, but with so many more quilts in that style to do, I may never.
I do like your log cabins blocks and I think they'll look great in any combination. I think of all of them, the one where they are spaced out over the white background is really effective.