Thursday, June 12, 2014

Meron's garden bird

Our neighbor, Meron recently immigrated as refugee from Ethiopia and was just  officially approved by INS last week to stay legally in USA. She was out in the garden this afternoon handling a baby bird. Keith was alarmed that maybe a robin had fallen from the nest out back and told me to come take a look. I determined this was a great photo opportunity, what ever the reason she was holding the bird so I ran for my camera. Took a few shots and watched, it seemed very attached to her so I decided to go ask where she found this baby bird and what the story is of how it became so attached to her.

It's always fun to talk to Meron about the new things she is discovering living here in our northern climate and American culture. This baby bird she first saw on the ground last week near a bus stop and the mother bird was very upset and chasing people away at the bus stop... She caught the bus and hours later, upon returning, found that the baby was laying passed out on the ground so she decided to rescue it and bring it home. Google search told her not to feed it worms but to give it dog food every 20 minutes so she has been very busy this past week. It was clear as we sat down at the garden table to talk that this little bird has marked her as family. It jumped on her and it cries in a sharp loud squall for food. She went in and brought out some soft wet dog food in a little cup that she proceeded to feed it using her finger.
you my mother?

fill me up please 
The baby walked across the table as we talked and moved toward my edge of the table. Stretching it's little wings now and again, she is concerned it hasn't begun to fly yet and wants it to eat bugs and get ready to be out on it's own but is cautious about the big cats that she knows stalk our garden. Next thing I know the little gray creature hops up on my shoulder! She asks if she can take a picture with my camera of her bird on my shoulder. Yes, please do, I say...
what's it doing? 

smile for the camera baby

that's a good bird 

what's next?
She asks me to try and get a shot of it stretching it's wings. Lifting it up and down was a bit difficult to capture but eventually it jumped on her chest and flapped them for the camera. We have baby robins in the lilac bush and baby house wrens in the wren bird house in the back garden. Now in the apartment below a rescued baby we aren't sure what type of bird it is yet but I suspect it is a baby house sparrow. It fell from too great a height to replace it in it's family nest so now it's mom is Meron. Good luck This baby may be yours for good.  What a treat to meet my neighbor's new room mate today it really made my day special.


Princess Pamela said...

whats going on with the baby bird now?

Frederick Nunley said...

Pamela the baby has moved to a new home with it's keeper. She is not doing great from what I hear, it seems to be growing but legs aren't strong enough for it to stand up on them. She can fly and I hope to see her again soon. Thanks for asking.