Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Middleburg Show and the newest quilt project

As the year comes to an end I am very excited to be showing my quilts at the Middleburg Arts Project my friends Tom and Peter opened back in September. This weekend I will be visiting the gallery on Friday and Saturday Dec. 12th and 13th to show and talk about my smaller sized wall quilts. I hope some of you can drop by to see them and visit Middleburg is a great little village full of charm with many fine shops and restaurants.  
After a year of log cabin quilts I am moving on to some new shapes that are challenging in a different way than log cabin blocks, curves of tea leaf or tobacco leaf quilts has captured my interest. The pattern is from a prolific blogger I follow named Tim who writes and photographs about his hand quilting in Michigan. Tim Latimer Quilts He designed this free quilt pattern based on the old tea leaf blocks from antique quilts he has restored and tops he has finished.  I cut out a few of the leaf block pieces to give it a try... and the quilt block building begins but in a different colorway than these below.
Anyone care to guess what color leaves I am making?

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