Monday, June 22, 2015

Quilter's mistake

This past weekend I packed up my quilting tools and two projects to attend the DC Modern Quilt Guild's meeting in Falls Church, VA for an all day sewing meeting.
The completed reconstructed triangles added Sunday
 I usually don't get much sewing done at the meetings because there are so many interesting people to meet and visit with that I often spend my time that way. This time I decided to take along two projects one to complete for show and tell and the other to catch some simple sewing time after that first project was done. I have been building these blocks row by row or border on border for a while now. I have the steps worked out in my head and I thought this would be easy to complete one at the meeting. Just cut  the square in two and add it to the center medallion for a finish, then there will be just one more row to add and the block should be finished. Well best laid plans didn't account for the simple self assured speed with which I screwed it up.
on the right the wrong cut I made at meeting. 
I built two blocks with the intention of cutting them on the 45º angle and making them triangles to frame the center diamond medallion in a block after careful planning this worked on the first side I cut at home and attached but at the meeting I got going to quickly and I didn't consider that there was a right and a wrong 45º direction. I found out just about as fast as I cut my block in half.  I did it the wrong way through my two HST that were meant to be the pinnacle of the triangle not the corners cut in two. Insert frowning face here.
The way I intended to cut the square to make my triangles 
Once I got over that surprise I was glad I brought my Denyse Schmidt improvisational blocks and fabric to work on and that was the work I did the rest of the day.
Stopped into a favorite grass fed beef restaurant "Elevation Burger"  down the street. Its just a few blocks down the street from our historic Church meeting rooms,
 Hope we get to use this Church in Falls Church again for our group is big and we need a lot of space and tables, chairs electric outlets and it doesn't hurt to have a kitchen and open room on floors for layouts... So many needs for so many quilters I am beginning to think that this organization needs paid staff but then the price would be so high the numbers would shrink. Well that is a round about way of saying thanks to our administrators who did a great job with this weeks meeting and the big Denyse Schmidt events two weeks ago! Thanks to each of you on the board.

This is the church that that gives Falls Church, VA. it's name. The original was built in 1764 during the colonial era of Virginia. The grave stone there by the enormous Oak tree was installed in 1808 and there were others further to the left under the shade of this great tree even older than this one. 
Now it's time to get back to work on my blocks for the Tumbling Block applique medallions quilt for this week I want to finish up the last block of nine and begin putting them together to quilt. 

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