Tuesday, January 12, 2016

add a border block quilt label update

In the previous article about the Add-A-Border block I used to improvise a nine patch quilt top I neglected to show the back and the label I embroidered for it in my post. Trying to update the post by adding more photos and text wasn't working this morning. I decided to just post these photos with this story all on it's own.
Ever since I began quilting the label at the end was the part I felt was very important and it was a challenge to make. I was influenced to do simple big embroidery letters by a lovely lady in England Claire O. known as Selfsewn who had a blog post a number of years ago on her blog about her own labels you can read it here: Selfsewn Label Tutorial that was totally inspiring. For me it was the answer to the problem.
 So thanks Claire! Here is my latest kind of simple label on AAB quilt project seen in my previous post.

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