Friday, January 9, 2009

full moon

These are the power and other wires that we are trying to get the city to bury under the street like they are all over most of the affluent sections of the city. 
This one caught the exciting details of the surface of the moon. I think taking the picture in daylight really helped my camera collect the details in these two photos before the darkness fell over the sky. 
That is the linden tree and in the distance the 8 tennis courts of Turkey Thicket Recreation area and the jungle gym for the little kids which is not lit up at night like the tennis courts. 

Today I ran out to mail a package and on the way I took my camera in case I saw the moon early as it was late afternoon. After a walk and a little time at the post office and the Yes Organic Market. When I came out there it was over 12th Street glowing already. It won't be 100% full until tomorrow night but we are due to have rain so I guess it won't be making much of a show for us in DC tomorrow. I got home and started thinking how much fun it was to take the time exposures of the crescent moon and Venus not long ago so I thought I would try it again with the full moon. Strange results. The details got lost in the moon but the branches in our Linden tree in front of the apartment were really spooky and quite a surprise to me.

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