Friday, January 30, 2009

winter storm

The last time we saw snow on the ground was last winter so this weeks snow was welcome but the ice that followed was a bit of a downer. I had to skip going home this week and doing laundry. Next week will be wash week abundantly full of washables.  I am excited by all the changes in tone coming from the white house this week and seeing changes I wasn't even expecting. One nice change during the afternoon broadcast of the white house's press conference the reporters get to ask follow up questions again at least two questions each! It is shocking how such a simple thing makes the news so much more meaningful and the white house more transparent. After 8 years of hyper controlled secret government things are opening up again here in Washington DC like they should be in a free society. I was delighted by the blast from President Obama of the Wall Street Executives who took $18 Billion dollars in bonus pay while their companies are failing. That is shameful and just wrong. Some things just went very wrong under the last administration and they made me sick. So sitting home and watching the changes on CNN and MSNBC were stimulating in a way they have never been before. The snow was a great reason to get out and walk to the store. We have a store for organic groceries in our neighborhood now for the last couple years and it has really improved life for Brookland residents to have YES market. Walking over there was fun with Keith and I took my camera to record and share it with you. I love to look for bold patterns in the bright white snow. Found a nice pink building with bricks that are just like my Aunt Alice's home that my father designed for her years ago. They are pink bricks with a few painted white and black in an effort to look "used". I wonder if there are orange things around in the snow. All I can remember seeing was a few orange caution cones. What did you see during the ice and snow storm?

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