Saturday, September 5, 2009

new books

One of the new letter press printed gray labels in a lavender-blue book.

the lavender-blue book with matching beads on the spine.

new rusty red book with multi colored beading on the spine.

Here is one of my labels for this years books. I printed it at Pyramid Atlantic and cut and sewed it into the first signature of each new book after setting cold metal type and inking it up and printing about 40 of them on the Vandercook proofing press.

These are Light in October show flyers and two of my 8.5 by 5 inch books.

This week I cut two large pieces of davey board into numerous smaller book covers using the massive board shearer which is part of Linda Rollins binding studio at Pyramid Atlantic. The blade is amazing to pull down and cut through thick boards smooth as cutting butter. Many thanks to Linda and all the folks at Pyramid Atlantic Arts.

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