Monday, October 26, 2009

Autumn colors

equality march on Pennsylvania Avenue

Texans brought the biggest flag naturally

yellow dahlia with dark purple red leaves Smithsonian Ripley garden

an exotic orange relative of the tomato at Ripley garden

fuzzy orange relatives of the tomato

potted violet blue tropical flowers in the Smithsonian Haupt gardens

hibiscus at the Smithsonian Haupt garden

crepe myrtle leaves

crepe myrtle leaves

orange sun sets over turkey thicket

Turkey Thicket Community Center orange in the sunset

This time of year is golden orange and bright colors in the warm range abound everywhere you look in nature and in the culture that reflects our connections to the world around us. I have been watching my stack of images pile up while out on lots of interesting adventures in the past month. Yesterday we traveled down to a Poetic Art exhibit and reading which I donated some work for sale to raise money for the Yellow Ribbon Fund and had a great time visiting the Lorton Workhouse Arts Center. What a gem the Workhouse has become. I knew it as the place where imprisoned suffragettes were locked up after a early twentieth century demonstration for Women's votes. The leading ladies were kept in the work house and after a food strike protesting their imprisonment they were brutally force fed with funnels and hoses. They got out and the vote was eventually delivered to Women thanks to their work. Later it became a real prison where Washington DC sent our criminals to serve time and was closed due to over crowding and health problems. Now it is a wonderful open and clean modern arts center. Sadly the exhibition had rules about taking photos that kept me from pulling out my handy Kodak so when we got home Keith and I took a walk and made some local photos of the trees the sky in shades of my favorite orange.
A couple weeks ago we went to the National March for Equality as spectators and later enjoyed some garden time afterwards in the Ripley and Haupt gardens kept by the Smithsonian Institution. I made photos of flowers and fruits some orange and some the opposite blue. The flags and signs and people in the march were exciting and the crowd was much bigger than we expected to see after only six months lead time to plan and implement a national event.
Another project I am giving my time as a volunteer on a artists book project at the Pyramid Atlantic Studios in Silver Spring, Maryland not too far from home. It is a project that started last year as a funds raiser by ten book artists who went to the rehearsals and performances of the City Dance Company and made book art in response to their dances. The story of it's inception is explained nicely by this film excerpt Moving Parts. I am helping to assemble 50 black and red clam shell boxes to hold books for those ten artists dance related books. These boxed book sets are going on sale next month to raise funds for the Pyramid Atlantic and City Dance. While I work with a team I am learning new techniques and meeting new people with who also love book making.

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