Friday, November 6, 2009

Wet October

Sweet Gum tree on 10th St. NE turns many colors slowly and the seed pods show up for the first time.
It was planted earlier this year and survived the summer heat with a little help from me watering.

Washington normally has more dry sunny days in October than any other month of the year and the temperatures are just right but this year we had a mix of rainy cloudy gray days that were very disappointing. We got over five inches of rain putting us in the Black for rainfall this year. September was a little dry they say so the rainfall was good and it didn't hurt the students competing in the Solar Decathlon too much this year. It did take some of the joy out of our seasonal autumn display. Wet leaves under gray skies are just not quite what we expect. I went out on Sunday the 1st of November for a walk around my community of Brookland and had a good time catching views of leaves wet and dry. I uploaded a group of my walk in the set named Brookland on my flickr. pages. You can see the pretty wet leaves there along with some of the pumpkins that didn't get smashed up Halloween!

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