Wednesday, April 7, 2010

poetry flowers birds in Brookland

narcissus poeticus

grackles walking in pairs in the oregano

narcissus poeticus

yellow eyed grackle surveys the garden

In my neighborhood of Washington DC, called Brookland there are an unusual number of poets or they are just better known to me because of an organization called The Brookland Area Writers and Artists (BAWA) I enjoy reading their poems posted in face book notes during the "poem a day challenge" for the 30 days in April last year. This year has been a little slow with the poems only coming from one poet for all 7 days of this month so far. Anyway two things remind me of my area poets because they seem to like them as much as I do. Black birds and narcissus poeticus, the white narcissus with a small eye at the center. This morning I was up early and met some of both, blue black grackles with their bright yellow eyes and narcissus poeticus with its red ringed yellow eyes! A beautiful black crow came visiting, yesterday but my camera was blocked by the blinds when he sat outside my window cawing at some unseen mate. Birds are having a hay day making nests with the dead grasses in our yard. I saw a speckled Starling pluck a fresh green mint leaf and carry it up on the roof top where he sat and squealed about it, standing over it's nest, situated in the eaves directly below.
BWAW holds a monthly poetry reading where all my poet friends get together and read poems of a certain predetermined theme for all comers the second Wednesday evening of each month at 7:00PM. I am looking forward to hearing this month's reading one week from tonight. By then I am hoping that this unusually hot weather will be gone. This dramatic heat wave 30ยบ degrees above normal is worrisome just like the massive snow falls were two months ago. We are trying to conserve energy to reduce our carbon foot print and provide nectar and pollen for the local bees in our garden. The good news is there is plenty of pollen for the troubled honey bees and I have seen them all over the garden gathering it for their hives on the hill.

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