Sunday, April 11, 2010

visiting the national arboretum full of delights

tulip beds were done in orange!
a passing red bearded fellow caught our eye
ikebana arranged in three trays
ikebana includes wood with massive volume & texture

deep pink camellias blooming outside in the woods

a huge number of fresh camellia blooms sorted labeled for the show
orange sogetsu ikebana freestyle arrangement was built with copper sheeting bent into light catching shapes
Keith taking in the show and making pictures
Japanese tokonoma (alcove) at the museum, showing how the Japanese display art and flowers and sometimes bonsai or viewing rocks in their homes was the first arrangement in the ikebana show.
a corner of the Japanese garden path
Japanese style bonsai each about two and a half feet tall
popular pass time is feeding the hungry koi, they never seem to get enough
bonsai gardens gate

Saturday we went to the ikebana international exhibition at the National Arboretum, we love to go this time of year. It was also the annual camellia show and there were lots of folks there to see Bonsai trees and azaleas in the forest and the early woodland wild flowers on the native plants trail. It was a great day cool and clear and just right for viewing everything but we only made it through the Ikebana, Bonsai, display garden and finally the Camellia show on this trip. Those filled our heads and our cameras with colorful images to last a while. Our stomachs said let's eat and that is one thing missing at the arboretum, so we came home and made lunch and enjoyed it in our own gardens which are lovely too.
I will be putting my new images on my flickr page in a set of the ikebana show and arboretum visit. The ikebana show continues for two more weeks changing exhibits each week on Thursdays.

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Kelly O'Brien said...

Thanks for your great images. Am so bummed I'll miss this, but your photos are the next best thing!