Tuesday, October 12, 2010


the top of my new favorite tree in Lafayette Square it is so burly

everyone in front of the Whitehouse for the 350.org rally for climate change solutions and clean energy.
James Hanson reading his prepared statement about changes needed in the future of American and world wide energy policy.

This past Sunday was a beautiful day in Washington DC. Keith and I went downtown to an international work party rally that was part of over 7,000 events held around the world sponsored by 350.org . We were "delivering solar panels and water heaters" to the Whitehouse which will be installed soon. The speakers were smart scientists all committed to helping end our fossil fuel energy dependence and bringing solar wind and other forms of clean energy to American life. James Hanson was the scientist from NASA who figured out we need to get the particles of atmospheric carbon dioxide down to 350 parts per million or lower to stop the cascading climate shifts that are happening. Last I heard the carbon measures above 380ppm. It is still happening and I see less interest in the country since the down turn in the economy and this event reminded me how far we have to go and how little has been accomplished. I am happy that Obama is putting solar panels and water heaters on the Whitehouse. I hope this is just the beginning of a move to turn the climate crisis and lead the world towards a better future. See images from all the demonstration work parties around the globe on 350.org's web page over 10,000 images from 10-10-2010.
Once the rally broke up we sat down in the shade. I drew my favorite willow oak again from a different angle. After lunch I found another old willow oak tree I like even better, so I sat down and drew it while Keith went to see a couple of craft shows in the Renwick I had already seen. Lafayette Square is across from the Whitehouse and the museum is right there on the corner of 17th & Pennsylvania Avenue.

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