Friday, September 17, 2010

tree sketches

white cedar tree trunks viewed from our 2nd floor studio
beech tree trunk Manassas
white pine tree trunk Manassas
Randolph St. dying Norway maple
Randolph St. maple tree
banana tree trunk peeling layers

banana tree sketch

My daily morning routine is almost set as a habit now. I have continued past the three month marker which I have read is how long it takes to get a habit embedded in ones life. After I did my morning pages and sketch I found myself with no Internet but access to Keith's computer/scanner where I figured it was a good time to scan my recent sketches. I discovered there was a nice group of tree sketches in the book. Lots of flower sketches but this tree group stood out as a quick edit for a blog post. I have 42 more sketches to edit and I am going to take time to do a few each day instead of all in one sweep. Seeing all these sketches gets me thinking it's time to start work on some more prints but getting some more time drawing trees is a priority too. The weather is milder and I want to go out and do some more sketches and studies of some of the great trees in our neighborhood. The big ones often don't stick around as long as one would think they will. The big tornado and thunder storms that went through NYC is a good example. Dozens of trees were toppled. NYT readers photos of the aftermath on their website here. Be good to your trees friends.

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