Monday, November 15, 2010

busy weekend delights

nighttime photographer Keith in the studio bent over his tripod
My weekend began making photos from all the great autumn leaves in the neighborhood. Keith had ikebana arrangements and flowers going on everywhere. I have lots of colorful photos to share after a walk during peak coloration of our fall leaves Saturday afternoon. 
Sunday afternoon, I attended a talk by Lee Newman an artist who's prints I admire very much. I was so happy he brought all his tools to 'show and tell' us about his process of making prints. I asked a lot of questions and learned about a few things I hadn't known. Today I got to work on my own new tree print right after my morning ritual of journal writing and a small sketch in my pocket book. During the talk Lee Newman gave us permission to mess with the marks on the etching plates and keep exploring the marks effect until I am delighted by something in the print. Great advice from a master printer which I have heard before but this time with examples of how I might proceed.  I think I feel emboldened but hope I can pull something new out of my etchings.
some of our colorful flowers in the studio 
Cor shows off his new Frederick print in Rotterdam.
 Monday morning, I received a picture portrait showing one of my new prints, "Kindly Light Lily" that I sent to my artist buddy Cor Windhouwer in Rotterdam. We write emails and make art together through the Internet since about 2001. 

The Urban Sketchers DC group is now up and waiting on us to post some drawing articles. I am wondering where to start my sketch posts. But in the mean time I wanted to share some of these great autumn colors before it all gets so stale that I have to move on to pumpkin pie and stuffed turkeys. I hope your weekend was full of new discoveries and good autumn fun.

willow oak's golden leaves in the afternoon sun

ginko are just beginning to go golden

golden maple across the street from red oak leaves 

this maple tree's leaves look like a red lollipops 

 Japanese Maple, so red it looked like candy

orange to yellow cherry leaves 

orange maple leaves one of my favorite colors of leaves

 sycamore is beautiful against the blue sky

Brookland elementary school oak currently my favorite local tree 

Virginia creeper vine turns red slowly in the shade

red oak & wood thrush state tree and bird of Washington, DC

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