Tuesday, November 23, 2010

save it! your national azalea collection

I found this terrible news on our Washington Gardener Magazine yesterday.  I don't know how many of you have been to the National Arboretum but it is a beautiful natural refuge in the city which has been suffering since President Bush's government cut their funding 60% and froze all new hiring which continues under Obama. Keith and I have spent a lot of time there touring, learning and enjoying nature, ikebana, bonsai and so much more. Hidden in the forests they have one of the most amazing collections of azaleas in the country which I have been lucky to see and photograph a few times. See a few recent examples below...

The new director wants to cut them all down, he claims they draw too many visitors which they can't afford to host! With one click you can read all about this insane mismanagement and get three addresses to write and let the government know you want them to keep the park's azaleas standing! I know it only takes a few words from tax payers to stop this sort of plan. Let's axe director Scott Aker's plan, before he chops all the azaleas down by the summer of 2011.

Kids enjoy it and adults like when kids run and laugh. 


Even dogs love the national azalea collection. 

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