Tuesday, March 8, 2011

seven days of drawing

my set up to draw tulips after journaling. 
photo of my subject for a week's sketches
first day they stand up like soldiers in formation
I wake up and write my journal for about 20-30 minutes each morning with a cup of coffee. Then I use the large journal to elevate my pocket sketch book to draw something as part of my morning routine.
Recently, I have done a series of different views of the same vase of tulips. This red and white edged bunch of tulips were the subject for six days. I begin my morning sketch drawings with a water based sepia ink to make the lines, afterwards I apply opaque watercolors.  The ink sometimes mixes into the paint...

day 2 starting to bend and lean as they grow

day 3 moved in closer to the low hanging tulips

day 4 they were cut in half and given fresh water but they are drooping
day 5 they began to look up again so I got inside view

I drew a new bunch of orange tulips on day 6 
day 7 they were wide open up right and giving gesture for the finale


jonny said...

soft colourful magic

Amanda Mills said...

these are so beautiful *sigh*