Wednesday, March 23, 2011

spring weekend

Basket of viola pansy and the St. Patrick's day flag in Manassas
I spent time at home again this past week with my Mom where we planted a small red Japanese Maple in the front yard where she can see from her bay window all year round. She bought it after the same type of tree died in the back yard last fall. The soil was just right for digging due to recent rains. We also glued down the puzzle she completed of a Vincent Van Gogh sunflower painting. Mounted it on a board and slipped it into a black frame under glass. Now it hangs over her piano where my  Van Gogh sunflower woodcut used to hang. Feeling very proud that she finished this difficult puzzle on her own we decided to make it a badge of honor to admire and brighten up the walls. I also brought flowers home, hanging basket of violas and double red tulips from Keith. The perfume in the car driving out to Virginia was very floral. 
Mom helping measure how tall the new tree is today.
double red tulips and the old woodcut of Van Gogh sunflowers over piano 

Van Gogh puzzle framed it's new home
Then home in DC, last Sunday Keith was free, so we decided to take a special walk for exercise and fun. There is a huge cemetery about a mile up over the hill across North Capitol Street in NE called Rock Creek Park Cemetery. It is an old fashioned monument and mausoleum style cemetery built with trees and flowers like a urban park. It was a good chance to walk and photograph before the huge trees leaf out and cast dark shadows.  I really enjoyed the quiet and the sculpture and stained glass as well as the natural setting.   I hope in time I will be able to walk over there and enjoy it without driving the car up the big hill between home and the park. Perhaps I will pack a picnic lunch next time I go. Soon it will be time for a picnic at the Cherry Blossoms down by the Jefferson memorial! Spring is really here at last. 


Amanda Mills said...

Hi, new to your blog, i found you somehow from the sketchcrawl page
I'm thinking of taking the train in to participate, to celebrate my 36th

The weekend was gorgeous- but how the temp. has dropped here in WV...
When do the cherry blossoms bloom?

Anyway, wonderful blog!

Frederick said...

Thanks Amanda, They are saying the Cherry Trees will be peaking between 3/29 to 4/1. Thanks next week.
Great idea to join the DC Sketch Crawlers next month.
Happy Birthday!