Sunday, April 17, 2011

spring = nature on steroids

 This weekend was pretty great even without the car. I went for a walk on Friday in the sunshine and found amazing floral displays in Brookland gardens and in the wild woodland Fort Bunker Hill park. Saturday I watched as the heavy rains dumped buckets of rain on the 60 volunteers who showed up across the street to plant 18 new trees on the Turkey Thicket Playground. Then today I learned there was a talk by the national park service rangers at Ft. Bunker Hill park so I went up for the talk again in a perfectly sunny Sunday. Hope that the car will get it's new throttle position sensor installed tomorrow and come home.  Here are just a few of my photos from the weekend in the hood.
late cherry blossoms

white violets 

monastery tulips 

monastery tulips

monastery tulips and sanctuary 

woodland lichen on a fallen log

may apples 

 a patch of trout or dog tooth lily in Ft. Bunker Hill Park

trout lilies blooming 

Norway maple flowers 

red azaleas 

pink and white dogwood blossoms

neighbors in the rain planting new trees near the sand box

more volunteers planting trees in the rain

new service berry trees at Turkey Thicket  Playground 

majestic white dogwood tree 

 native dogwood tree 

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