Wednesday, April 13, 2011

walk home

red dogwood flowering on 10th and Perry place NE 

under the dogwood are all sorts of spring flowers

woodland wildflower Bloodroot in our garden

my favorite, narcissus poeticus 
red leaves of the simpervivum are best in spring

angel's wings narcissus 

Today while on my way to Manassas I had a unexpected engine failure in our 1997 Jetta. I came around a corner on Lincoln Road by the cemetery and suddenly out of the blue the gas pedal no longer worked. It was a strange experience. Lucky I was heading down hill and as soon as the way was clear I turned off the two lane road to park a safe distance from frantic passing traffic. I called for help, then called home to tell everyone my plans had changed and waited on the tow truck. No sense going out on the highway with a faulty engine. AAA tow truck came quickly and towed the car back the two miles to our neighborhood garage where I left the old Jetta to be tested and evaluated tomorrow for an answer to why the engine cut out suddenly. Keith met me and we walked home with my luggage. Along the way home we passed the neighbor's beautiful red dogwood tree that I saw as I was leaving and wished I could photograph. Naturally I took this as a sign I should stop pull out my camera and take a few photos. I also added a few of my favorites from our garden over the past few days. Spring is really here now. Now I am just waiting and wondering what happened to my little green car.

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