Saturday, June 11, 2011

Kingman Island Bluegrass Festival

This afternoon we went to the second annual Kingman Island Bluegrass Festival. It was a long trek on the metro and a 30 minute walk from the station to the island on the other side of RFK stadium. We met up with a dozen or more young people and walked over to this little paradise under redevelopment as a park. It is an island in the Anacostia River which has been used by the city for a lot of things but now it is being cleaned up and restored to help the river and the city appreciate that fine tidal river and all the creatures that live there. Anyway it is a place I have long heard and read about but this was my first visit. The bluegrass music festival today was free and there were lots of people, music and food trucks! Another new phenomenon in Washington DC. We enjoyed it all and even had a cup of chilled cucumber red grape soup from a Florida inspired truck. It was kind of tart a little sweet and nicely chilled, a very delicious cup of cool for a hot sticky afternoon. The music was pretty good but we were too hot to sit down at first later after a walk down one of the trail roads on the island and the soup we found chairs and enjoyed one of the bands. We were hopeing for more traditional bluegrass and old timey music but the band we heard was more like a folk rock cover band. They played a lot of music I listened to when I was in high school not very blue grassy in my opinion. The Who and the Rolling Stones covers just don't quite cut it for my bluegrass jones. But the players did hit a few other songs that were more in the right vein so it was fun. We left about 5:30 tired for our long walk home. Came by the RFK stadium on the way back and saw some kids playing soccer waiting for the local soccer pro team DC United's game to begin. Another thing I haven't ever done that I think I will have to plan to do sometime soon. Photos will tell a little more of the story. Kingman Island is a sort of strange place but it is becoming something that will be a real treasure of an island in a few more years. I would definately go to the festival again I hope it comes back and I will too.
Enlarge to read the Kingman Island bulletin 

the Anacostia river from the foot bridge

Me, Sebrina the girl with directions to the island and Keith crossing the bridges.

the end of the bridge and the festival stage beyond 

Sebrina arrives! "Where are the toilets and the beer?"

Sauca food truck. Menu visible on the enlargement

Maine Lobster Roll truck 

DC Dangerously Delicious Pies truck 

Curbside Cupcake truck 

festival tent where they were pumping the beer kegs


landscaping area on the island trail 

Keith checking in on the weather text messages 

the landscaping includes some new trees and shrubs as well as these huge boulders 

the river view was always blocked by trees and understory growth

The second band we watched behind these guys wish they didn't have to smoke cigarettes 

the second band minus the mandolin player on the right

The RFK stadium seen across the marshy river's edge

wild ducks took off from the river as we were leaving 

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