Friday, June 24, 2011

orange is back

An incomplete sketch of some new multi-colored zinnias cried out to be sketched before they are planted in the garden.

This morning's sketch of the 'Chesapeake Crab Legs' day lily

 Thursday morning 'Royal Trumpeter' gives up it's first blossom for me. I bought it two years ago. Magnificent! 

Traditional multi-petaled day lily grows and shows it can really stand out . 
Orange 'Tropicana' tea rose bloomed in late May

Nasturtiums in flame  orange 

Turk's Cap lily was spectacular in May

Tiny pale and sort of orange day lily are still trying to get a foot hold in the big bed 

True orange nasturtiums go all summer

Uncle Herb's wild red/orange day lilies keep coming back strong


cor said...

hello and good to see "your back"...with a load of photo's from the plants in bloom in your garde, also nasturtiums,did you ever eat them? a salad or with fresh icecream (vanilla/chocolatmmmm)...
the taste is a kind of anice..
and ofcourse the photo's look great!!

Kelly O'Brien said...

love all of your flower photos - and your sketches! you guys must have a gorgeous garden (naturally!).