Thursday, September 29, 2011

in the studio

Tropicana rose etc. on gray seamless paper
Today the last rose from the garden was crying out to be featured in my sketch book. I set up a small seamless paper to give it a little more focus and got to work. First I draw with my water based ink - fountain pen. Then I begin mixing and filling in the colors stating with the background usually.
the set up
final sketch happens to be on the first page of a signature in my hand made sketch book. See the glass beads that are sewn between signatures?
trimmed to focus on the sketch
I am pretty happy with the results but I think after looking at the photos I could have used the orange of the rose hips on the rose instead of the salmon pink I chose if I was going for exact reproduction. I also see that the burgundy leaves were darker at the bottom near the pink sedum. Looking at it with naked eye I could not make out that shadowy area. That is one of the examples of how photos change the real and flatten things out that your eye sees better and with much more detail of shading.

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