Thursday, December 1, 2011

November metro sketching

This has been an exciting month with lots of running around. I went to the bay for a few days to work on my new quilt. Then came home and volunteered for a week  on the Moving Parts box building project at Pyramid Atlantic Art Studios in Silver Spring. Since my time at Pyramid wrapped around Thanksgiving I decided to ride metro up to Silver Spring each day allowing me some time to sketch and keep my daily routine out on the road. Here are some of the sketches that are in my little pocket sketch book from those commuter days and nights at the end of November.
Lady in beige 

Woman with groceries and big circle earrings

The month began with this fellow writing on metro 

early in the month this Asian man was my subject downtown on metro

Lady in hound's tooth design jacket and black scarf 

head to toe figure guy on metro was my favorite 

cell phone dominates the activity of metro riders

night before Thanksgiving travelers showed up on metro this one was so tired she was falling asleep between stops

decked out in lots of color she was wearing knee high boots

best head of the month is the guy in the foreground

Extremely tall guy didn't fit on my page so his neck got tucked in his shoulders 

This woman bugged me by eating fried chicken on the train so I drew her 

elder Asian couple riding metro
Now it's time to start a new month. November was part of the change from the garden months where I transition to indoor working like these sketches from Metro.

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