Thursday, December 22, 2011

sketchy lead into Christmas

fading roses next to the amaryllis still going strong 

Red piano roses, my favorite holiday treat from Keith. 

Mom's new Christmas Cactus 

flowers and card on the book case next to my desk

beige roses and red amaryllis 
There we have an armload of flowers sketched over the last couple weeks. Lots of red roses and amaryllis and a few white and beige roses. I was doing great then all of a sudden last Friday night asleep in bed this weird thing happened to my mouth. I got some sort of sore lump in the cheek. It was naturally a weekend infection and I didn't want to go wait in line at the ER so I waited for a walk-in appointment at the clinic Dentist Monday morning. By then I had a fat face and a lot of pain that Tylenol and Aleve were not helping and I was beginning to feel sick as if the infection in my mouth was making me sick all over. Fever came later and the swelling continued for another 36 hours after I started antibiotics and pain killers. Then like magic after a plate of home made chocolate chip black walnut cookies I had a nap and woke up with no pain... From that moment forward the swelling receded and the fever began to lower. I didn't do any sketches for a couple of days because the pressure on my head just made it too difficult to get to work on a sketch. Well that is over the swelling is almost completely gone and the pains over. I did continue to do some casual embroidery on my newest crazy quilt panel which is coming along nicely. Now I am collecting my things to go out and spend the holiday with Mom and my brother in Manassas. Sketching will happen. Flowers are ready to go and cookies are being consumed all along the way. More waiting in Manassas I hope!
Merry Christmas to you all.

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