Sunday, March 4, 2012

new blocks

back of purple and green block showing paper pieces
This was a week that found me in Manassas for a few days where we shopped then sat looking at TV after we were tired. I spent a lot of time sewing together the little pieces of paper covered in fabric for new blocks to add to the Rose Star quilt project. In January I began these blocks thinking just one was enough to try the fancy English Paper Piecing technique and I immediately found that it was so satisfying that I couldn't stop at just one. I now have 21 completed and expect to get a few more done soon. I am currently trying to figure out how to assemble them in a big quilt top. Lucky this coming weekend is the annual Manassas Quilt Show at the Prince William County Fair Grounds and we are free to go and discover new quilts and find new fabrics not available to me other times of the year. We also hope to see that silent film 'picture of the year' The Artist...
aqua and red 

purple and greens 

Oranges! Finally got one of oranges for me 

aqua and linen 

Coco and green 

The felt wall with 21 completed new blocks added in the mix. 


Keith said...

They make me so happy to look at before I go to bed at night. It's my own indoor starry sky! :)

Nicky said...

These are fabulous but I am just starting out and haven't quite finished my first block yet!

Frederick said... Thanks for the complement Nicky! I hope you enjoy making your roses as much as I have done making mine!

Nicky said...

Made two now but they are taking me quite a while to do - can't imagine how long it has taken you to do 21 ! But I fear it may become quite addictive!

Frederick said...

Nicky I began working on mine Jan. 15th and now it is March 9th and I have 22 completed and ten more in bags heading to meet those! It just takes focus and enthusiasm and if you have to take a year to finish who is counting the time? There isn't a race to the finish enjoy the journey!

Michelle said...

Wow! Just love all your blocks.
Thanks for liking mine....
I'm just using a very pale cream Bella Solid homespun to join them.
Your paintings are very good.