Friday, September 14, 2012

presently quilting

gate and fence of pickets in Colonial Willamsburg (inspiration)
blue plate parts for Dresden plate blocks 

blue skies and white clouds so clear in September

part of the Williamsburg design

gardens behind the big houses are always fenced in Colonial Williamsburg

I am working in this great weather in the garden a little and with the sewing machine a lot. I set the hand sewing down to move back to the 20th century machine and get a little quick satisfaction. The trip last week to VA to get more green fabric was a boon and I got right to work on a small throw using the green and white pattern I am calling Williamsburg's fences. I am also making great progress on the Dresden plate blocks. The speed that comes with a machine and the rotary cutter and a ruler is amazing. I think I will have a full queen sized Dresden plate top done by this time next week. I have completed a small top in the green and white Williamsburg pattern to test the vintage Singer sewing machine as my quilting machine. Mr. Burger, at the sewing repair shop who sold it to me, claimed it was an excellent machine for quilting in spite of it's age. So we will see soon if he was he was telling the truth. This first year it has done very well on piecing but now I am ready to test it further.

This cooler clear weather of the last week has really been a great stimulus to creativity for me or at least I feel like working long hours on these projects. Also driving my ambition is my first visit to the DC Modern Quilt Guild meeting Saturday. They meet once a month to work and share some time as a group of Washington DC area quilters. I am excited to meet and work with them and share stories. Maybe I will learn something new from the experienced quilters. I am especially excited to see a demo by Elle of something about a stencil for a square made from triangles that is suppose to make them easier to sew.

Then we get to go to the Chesapeake bay cottage we used last summer. At the bay I will have all my tools and lots of time to draw and sew and quilt and walk and enjoy the weather with my partner. We are looking forward to getting out of the city for a little retreat. My first plan is to lay out the Rose-Star quilt and get it basted to the batting and backing on the big bare floors of the bay house. Then I can begin to quilt the layers together.
from Ebay a real blue and white Dresden porcelain plate circa 1880's
The cardinal looking for handouts

sage is so silvery this morning and smells to remind me soon Thanksgiving will be here  

poke berries looking good 
In the garden today a cardinal came to visit and sing and seemed to be looking for the feeder that I put out a couple days ago that the sparrows emptied last evening. He wasn't very shy and I got a quick shot of him perched on the choke cherry tree. I was moved by the color of the Sage and the Poke berries as they ripen and draw the mocking birds to the garden. After taking pictures I spent an hour clipping over grown grasses away from the edges of our side and front yard flower beds. Perfect weather meant this job barely make me break out in a laborious sweat. Now it's time to get back to the sewing and preparations for a delicious dinner.

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