Saturday, August 24, 2013

Friday Art Romp in Anacostia

Cappy and Molly Ruppert who make it all happen

Look for the colorfully decorated tree smiling at passers by

Last night was my first show of the new Orange Explains It quilt hung on a gallery wall. It's big and orange with an impact that was as bold as the colors are bright and the response was very enthusiastic. There were dozens of art works on display all different and interesting in their own ways which is always the case at an ART ROMP. Lots of artists from the Warehouse gallery scene on 7th St. NW where Molly Ruppert, with help from her big family, hosted a couple dozen art romp parties over the last 20 years. I was delighted to see so many artist friends and their new work and meet lots of new art admirers. 
The new Anacostia Arts Center is such a great space. Clean white walls, beautiful light hardwood floors without a scratch or a bump, it seems to be brand new but is housed in what appears to be an old dime store front. Located on Good Hope Road in SE right off the 11th St. bridge over the river. I was inspired by the director Kate Taylor Davis to begin thinking about all the things we can do in a new artist center. Figure drawing has been mentioned as something they would like to have there. However there are lots of ideas that come to mind when I think of ways to use empty rooms in such a cool building. What would you do with a big building full of these lovely rooms? 

I must admit I was reluctant to go to Anacostia in SE when I first heard about the show's location but I was harboring old fears and prejudices about Anacostia. Clearly these were unfair and will soon be history. Hope you can find your way there soon and drop in to see the show. 
This Art Romp Exhibition is open through Sept. 15th 2013. 
Anacostia Arts Center 1231 Good Hope Road, SE 
Washington DC 20020 more information here:

Orange Explains It, quilt on the wall. 
wider view of the front doors

Long deep corridor with railings around skylights to the floor below where business meets 

Caught the amazing artist Ruth Trevarrow coming through one of the gallery doors

 families are always part of the gallery scene

Glass artist Sean talking to collectors Christina & Nora
Molly explaining something to her grand kids 

Keith and Matt discussing the art


Linda F. said...

Congratulations on having your quilt exhibited in this great looking space. The exhibit looks amazing and it's wonderful that you are part of it.

Katie @SwimBikeQuilt said...

Wow, Frederick. This is so cool. And the space is amazing. Congrats.