Sunday, August 11, 2013

Rose Star quilt finished, at last.

Rose Star quilt features red binding, white backing and two red triangle boarders. 88 x 87 inches with angled corners. 
It took 8 months to complete the top using the nineteenth century hand sewing technique called English paper piecing. The final quilt top required 54 blocks and unknown number background white hexagons with wings to fill in between the colors. Once the top was completed, next came the gruesome two day work of hand basting together three layers of fibers (pieced top, cotton batting, and backing fabric) on hands and knees.  I sore after that work out in places I don't normally get sore.  Finally 10 more months hand quilting the layers together and at last binding all the edges. I began in Jan. 2012 and I am finishing in August 2013. Fast for an all hand made quilt.
Rose Star embroidered label on the back and corner detail 

close up of my label 

two sides have long red triangles running to finish the edges. 

folded view

Special Thanks to Jessica blogging at Life Under Quilts who pointed me to Clare's blog: Selfsewn, tutorial, and Flickr. group: RoseStar Block Party for the inspiration and instructions how to do this project that was so much fun I couldn't stop at six block and went on toe make many more. Once I began English paper piecing it was like eating candy I kept wanting to make more so I determined I had to make a bed sized quilt. I also thank my Mom for all her support and encouragement. Each new block was an excellent adventure. It was thrilling anew each time I chose new fabric fat quarters or old shirts or remnants to combine in a number of ways for colored stars. Then the fun kept coming when I began combining the rose stars on my design wall. It was a wonder to lay away afternoons and nights dreaming and rearranging their order. Keith and many friends, who saw my blocks as they came together, were so enthusiastic about the results it drove me right through to the finish. Thank you all for your encouragement and supporting comments. Now who wants to see it up close and personal?


Jessica said...

I would LOVE to see this quilt in person, and hopefully one day I will :)
Congratulations Frederick, this is amazing, and the story of your progress is inspirational. I hope you don't mind if I link to you in my next blog post.
Thank you for sharing. Enjoy the rest of the weekend~

Anonymous said...

nice work again :) !!
greetings marianne de wit.

Ann Brooks said...

It's simply lovely! This is a quilt worthy of all the time and care you put into making it. Congratulations.

Linda F. said...

503 ilaisfiI can't wait to see it all quilted up close! Will you be at the DCMQG meeting at Capital Quilts next weekend? This quilt is SO stunning. Are you using it?

Frederick Nunley said...

Thanks everybody! I wish there was a better way to show quilts digitally, somehow the photos don't convey the experience like being here.
Linda, I am planning to go to the next DC Modern Quilt Guild meeting and bring this quilt to show but it hasn't been slept under yet.
Jessica, I would be happy if you share my story. Like I said, you got me hooked!

Manuela said...

The Quilt is amazing.

Greetings, Manuela from Germany

Lucy @ Charm About You said...

Absolutely incredible! It is beautiful and you did finish fast! I'm still plugging away at mine but I agree each one is a joy. Fantastic label too!

Helen said...

Found you on Jessica's blog. Absolutely adore your Rose Star....and I also love your Blue Dresden Plate!

Lisa said...

There are no words for something as beautiful and precious and valuable and fantastic as that quilt! I admire you and would count it an honor to meet you one day... This quilt is AMAZING!
Thanks for sharing... friend from Alabama!

Pamela said...

Beautiful! What an inspiration!

Frederick Nunley said...

Thanks Manuela In Germany. I spent so good times in Berlin, Dusseldorf and München when I was young.
Lucy, Keep working, there is an end and it takes persistence to get to the finish, and a little friendly support doesn't hurt either. :-)
Helen, glad to hear from you via Jessica.
Lisa, In Alabama! My last quilt "Orange Explains It" was inspired by two Gee's Bend quilters (also from Alabama for those who don't know) it's worth looking them up.
Pamela, thank you and all for your generous comments.

Taos Sunflower said...

I also found you on Jessica's blog. What a treat! I love love love your rose star quilt. I've now added your blog to my feedly subscriptions; thanks, Jessica, for the great referral!

quirky granola girl said...

i can't say in words how much i love this quilt. what an accomplishment! you are one amazing guy.

Selfsewn said...

WOW Beautiful Fred!!!!!!!!!
Love xxxx

Emily Breclaw said...

What a fabulous quilt!! I love this pattern, and it's stunning in the bright colors!

Sarah said...

Congrats on a fab finish - I have about 12 rose star blocks done now. I mostly work on them while camping so it's kinda slow going but I am itching to make some faster progress. I should ahve time shortly to lay out the blocks and she how many more I want to make. I hope you'll consider joining my monthly hexie linky party - next one is 9/17/13.