Saturday, October 26, 2013

Autumn leaves & quilts

Went for a walk earlier this week and saw a few pretty colors in the trees and vines and the sky was so blue I had to take a few photos to share and save the moment. 
Virginia creeper's brilliant red is an early sign that fall is underway

maples seem to change by the hour from green to orange red...

New paints and roof looked great on this Newton St. NE home

Newton street is just beginning to show the bright colors of maples 

Fort Bunkerhill the park where the poison ivy got me. 

American Beech trees in Ft. Bunkerhill are the gray bark beauties

dogwood leaves getting red 

crab apples anyone?

that's how the leaves from Newton Street maples fell to the ground below
While on a visit to Manassas I also took mom out to Haymarket to see a show of local quilts at the town museum. It was a fun experience to tour the show of about 75 quilts in the tiny former town hall with the curator. I enjoyed seeing the big history quilt of the town's important buildings and all the pretty hand work. I only took a few photos as a memento of our visit. The Black applique seems to have been my favorite.

Museum curator and Mom 

Vintage Yo yo quilt 


Haymarket History quilt
 This quilt was all done by the local chapter of Quilter's Unlimited Haymarket and donated to the Museum telling the history of this little town in pictures of it's historic buildings.

Black applique quilt made of felts and hand sewn was very impressive. 

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