Friday, April 4, 2014

Aprils look

 This week it is beginning to appear like spring is going to actually happen. The snow of the last winter season was a record for DC in that it was the 3rd snowiest. Over 30 inches this winter and they came in bouts of small coatings so school was  and even government offices shut down often. Everyone seems to be over and done with snowy streets and sidewalks and the bursts of super cold weather seem inevitable since they keep coming back after lots of little micro bursts of spring. The ground hog was way off this year.

All done showing quilts at Anacostia Arts Center and the doris-mae gallery which was so much fun. All the quilts are home now leaving me to work on a couple of new projects, the first of this year. I was inspired by the log cabin blocks for a while now and began making them in a purple orange combination of scraps and added fabrics as I found them. The first is a throw sized quilt that might be suitable for hanging as wall art. The colors make me feel good, bright and cheerful with a rich intensity that reminds me of the "Orange Explains it" quilt. Everyone knows about me and those oranges and reds but blues and purples are appealing in fact any color is a delight in the right moment. I wrote about the orange log cabin project a while back and I decided to go for pure intense color in that first version but all the likes received on the white, orange and gray version led me to set those blocks aside. Now playing around with them in a new composition using some ideas I heard during a lecture on what modern quilting as defined by one of the founders of the Modern Quilt Guild. The results made me feel more like going graphic and playing with larger open spaces in my quilt designs. I love the minute details in building quilt blocks but sometimes it is fun to step back and spread them on a field to see what happens.


Jessie said...

Your garden shots are beautiful; I love how the crocus reflects the colors in your new quilt! Things are not blooming like that yet here, but we shouldn't be far behind. I have yet to listen to that design lecture, but I hope to soon, I'm excited that you found it inspiring!

Frederick Nunley said...

Thanks Jessie, Those crocus colors are so delightful I hope you find some in your garden soon! Only thing that kind of made me feel odd was the lecture kept saying modern quilts have to be strong like a packing quilt. Glad our modern quilt guild encourages hand quilting!