Thursday, August 14, 2014

In Mother's Garden

Last week I spent several nights in Manassas and was delighted with this summers garden visitors and a few special flowers at my mother's house.

While there visiting, several times we saw a streak of color fly away from the big pot of flowering anise hyssop as we came out the front door. Eventually from my bedroom I noticed the bright color was a male gold finch perched on the flowers harvesting seeds. I did not realize that seeds formed this early in the year but there he was eating them. With my new camera's zoom lens I caught yellow billed with a mouth full of seed. 

Also visiting this native flower which blooms all summer were Silver-spotted Skipper butterflies (Epargyreus clarusbutterflies and lots of different nectar seeking bees and a very strange and interesting looking wasp. It's nice to see at least a few butterflies as we just read an article about why there seem to be so few this summer in the Washington Post. To read that informative article follow this hotlink: Where have all the butterflies gone. 

The farmers market offered up some lovely peaches and plums with mom's favorite bananas in a great little wooden bowl we found a few weeks ago. 
The geraniums are blooming steadily but their pretty hot pink color doesn't quilt photograph the way it looks to the naked eye. Here in the back ground is a lilac colored summer phlox for comparison 

The crowning glory of the garden this year again is a pretty pink dahlia that survived yet another winter with deep freezes and plentiful snows a true indicator of the changing climate in Manassas.

Looking forward to my next visit to plant some of the native flowers we collected at the Merrifield nursery and others I plan to share from our city garden. Quilting shop sales kept me in town and Keith joined me for a long nature flower walk in the battlefield. We caught a little case of the devil weed rash called Poison Ivy which kind of slowed me down this week posting all those great photos I made on the walk. That and a new quilt are completed now so on to the next post to show and tell those stories. 

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