Friday, August 15, 2014

Rowhouses, Townhouses, or Log Cabins?

I finished this low volume or value throw sized quilt and washed it yesterday.

 It's a small throw quilt, in soft colors with an attractive backing fabric from Finch Sewing Studios in Leesburg Va. The backing has these little row or town houses printed on a buttery cream color that seemed to fit with the front pink sections. It was used to wrap around and bind the edges as well. The front or top is log cabin variations from another bigger project I am working on... Now I am left to choose a name and make a label so what do you think it should be? Row house quilt, Town house or Log cabin quilt or something else?
Town Row house fabric detail

Finished, washed and dried size = 35 x 51 inches 

crinkly quilting details on the back 

I used machine straight line quilting on this quilt and chose a diagonal V pattern to accent the 45º angle of the pattern of the log cabin blocks. The pink inserted sections are where the lines change direction in four different ways. 
It was fun to make it and so fast with the machine. The hard part was piecing the blocks then laying out the blocks in a way that pleased my eye. This is my first attempt at a low volume quilt shying away from bold color wasn't so hard once I put my mind to work seeing things in a different way.
Fun just like the pink orange moon that rose over our horizon last night in Brookland. 

I have more fabric from Finch that will be showing up in quilts very soon after a great DC Modern Quilt Guild meeting held there two weeks ago. 

show and tell at Finch Sewing Studio with DC Modern Quilting Guild members busy working and listening...

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Jessica said...

I love the new quilt, congrats on the finish. No name suggestions though.. I tend to name my quilts with 'people names' or of places..