Thursday, May 15, 2008

brooks' innocent by stander

This afternoon I watched the new short film interview of Scott Brooks via the Internet! I have been a devotee of Scott's figure work for many years now watching and being inspired. I have been over to visit his studio many times in the afternoons when others are at work and we have time to look over the paintings and drawings he creates at home in his North West DC studio. I always am amazed at his ability to draw the figure fast and accurately. It is always fun  when he comes to my figure drawing group to see him in action. Scott exudes confidence with his ability to draw and paint. This film shows work from his current show "Under the Skin" at Longview Gallery on 9th St. NW here in DC which Keith and I visited on Saturday just before the opening began. I am really partial to the one painting of a model I believe I introduced to Scott,which is titled Innocent by Stander. Birds and Bees being endangered and the environmentalist Jon as the model with his handsome red/blonde beard! It is one of my favorite paintings by Brooks. The wide eye look is a Brooks trademark stylization and it always amazes me how he can distort the eyes and still get a likeness. 
You can see the movie of Scott talking about his work and painting below.

Scott Brooks - Under the Skin from Brandon Bloch on Vimeo.

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