Monday, May 26, 2008

orange Goltzius circa 1592-1601

first self portrait came from a Internet blog on Artnet 

third portrait is from a Museum in Holland. 

Here are three portraits. The first two are identified as self portraits of Hendrik Goltzius done in three color chalks and some watercolor added to the first one. The last portrait is not proven to be of H. Goltzius but was marked as a possibly him. It was painted in 1601 by Cornelius Ketel  of a man who looks very much like Hendrik. This great orange beard and lovely white ruffs are a delight to see but what do you think? Are all three the same guy? The painting was done nine to eleven years after the drawings and there is a resemblance but I think the nose looks different and the eye brow seems a bit different and the hair line is clearly very different. Was that the style to shave off a widows peak? Or could it have fallen out? Hendrik lived from 1558 to 1617 so in 1601 he would have been 43 and fair haired guys sometimes loose a lot of hair by that age. In any case his red orange beard is as lovely and potent as it ever was if this is indeed him in the 1601 portrait. I bet that turned a nice soft white soon after this was done who ever he was. Check out the Gotlzius 2003 exhibition which is still on the met's website of his masterful engravings and drawings. Leave a comment to let me know if you think Heindrik Goltzius with the orange beard is the guy in the painting. If you find other red beards send them my way and many thanks to Cor in Rotterdam for his help on this post with those links and pictures.  


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wondermachine said...

Wow. I love the eyes in those portraits. The first two are especially gorgeous. Thanks for posting these.
I got to the Afghanistan Treasures show at the NGA last week. Amazing sculpture. Lovely lovely!